What do fabrication specialists do?

Who Are Fabrication Specialists and What Do They Do?

Fabrication specialists deal with a range of fabrications from steelwork and pipework for water and electric industries, pharmaceuticals, gas and power generation industries, and agriculture. Examples of these services include fabricating one product in bulk, or fabricating parts that are needed in the transportation industry.

Fabrication specialists are commissioned to design and create unique and specified products to meet clients needs and expectations. They are expected to advise, consult and create a product that is perfected exactly to the client's specifications.

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication encompasses a wide range of products such as general pipework, steel works, sea spools and various structures, pig launchers and receivers and any research and development needed for manufacturing such products. Most specialists can also arrange the testing of various products such as destructive testing, X-Ray testing, gamma testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection, ultrasonic testing, pressure testing, hydro-testing, pneumatic testing and load testing. They use a wide range of materials including mild steel, exotic alloys, carbon steel, aluminum, duple, low temp, Monel and nickel. In addition to the general services they offer all specialists will have the cutting edge technology to get the job done right. In all fabrication companies, steel fabrication is the most used globally.

Take note that many companies will have on-site and off-site facilities and they also rent out their equipment as well as use it for their own needs.

Other Fabrication Options

Fabrication experts don't just work with steel but with a number of other materials such as plastic, glass, woodwork, lighting and other various products that need fabricating to a specific standard. Again we are talking about a minimal amount to a large amount, for example one product or one thousand products. There is never a limit with what they can do.

Many large companies in the agricultural industry work together with a fabrication specialist to bring new technology into their equipment and the same goes for the transportation industry.

Most specialists offer competitive prices and services to help beat down the competition. Each and every fabrication company will have a team of engineers, technicians, designers and testers that make sure the product they make for you is of the best possible quality and is made to the best possible standard. These types of specialists pride themselves on getting a product done efficiently and just as the client wants it. When it comes to repair work, installation, welding or creating a product that has specific needs then you can count on these experts to get the job done.

How to Choose a Specialist

Choosing the right specialist team for what you need can be difficult and overwhelming. The first step is to shop around and talk to experts on what it will cost and how much time it will take. Keep a list of what each company offers and list the pro's and con's before you commit yourself to a company. Talk to them about warranties and any other fine print details that need to be covered. It is also good to ask for recommendations and talk to previous clients who have first hand information on the services they provide. When it comes to getting a product fabricated to the way you want it, it is important you get it done the first time. Fabrication teams should always be licensed and certified in what they do and equally should their equipment be too to ensure quality and safety.

They are there to give you a customized product for a customized experience.